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$49 month to month

Stock Index Timing .com is a $49 per month subscription. All subscriptions are handled through PayPal on a month to month charge.

When you sign up, the credit card service will charge your credit card $49 for the first month. After your first month, the credit card processor will automatically bill  your credit card for the regular monthly subscription and then re bill each month. You can cancel the automatic monthly billing at any time with no further obligation. (Use the "cancel button below to stop the automatic monthly re billing of your credit card for the monthly $49 subscription.)

When you complete the credit card subscription form, subscribers will receive an email from PayPal with their user name and password. PLEASE SAVE THE PAY PAL ASSIGNED USER NAME AND PASSWORD. The user name and password will give you access to the following:

  • The weekly commentary and analysis at www. Stock Index Timing .com 

  • The subscription to www. Stock Index Timing .com INCLUDES access to commentary and analysis on Gold and Bonds

The month to month subscription processing through Pay Pal requires you to establish a Pay Pal account.

I have chosen Pay Pal for the credit card processing for my web sites because of my belief that they are a reputable firm for my clients to process their credit cards.  When you go to the following linked Pay Pay subscribe page, if you do not already have a Pay Pal account, the page will ask for your name address and credit card information and will establish your Pay Pal account with your user name at Pay Pal as your email address and a password you select.

Then, after you authorize the subscription, you will be given your user name and password for access to the Stock Index Timing .com web site. (Be sure to write it down!) That user name and password will become part of your transaction history in your Pay Pal account and can be viewed at any time by your logging into your Pay Pal account.

PayPal advises me of each subscriber's email address when you sign up. I will put all subscribers on a special "subscriber only" email list to send early notification of my market timing calls and other special email notices.

Click on the following "PayPal" button to subscribe:

$49 MONTH TO MONTH Checkout Button


Good Luck and Good Trading!


If you have any questions please send me a note at george@georgeslezak.com or call me at 1-239-947-9131      




A subscriber can cancel any further charges to their credit card to cancel their subscription at any time by using the following Pay  Pal cancel subscription button. The user name and password for the web sites would continue until the end of the currently paid monthly period.


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New Subscriber Welcome!

Thanks for subscribing. 

Subscribers to Stock Index Timing .com receive the following:

Web access to stockindextiming.com including commentaries on the Stock Market, Gold, and Bonds.

Emails: A brief email stock market comment on Wednesday and Friday.  Emails are also sent whenever I change my market timing signals or when I have a special comment on the market. 

Commentaries: Commentaries are posted to the web site once a week. Stock Index Timing stock market comment on Saturday morning, and comments on Bonds and Gold on are posted Sunday morning. 

Also on Friday evenings I post my weekly video review in three parts - my "forecast and follow" technical review, a review of past market tops, and a review of past market bottoms. The video reviews are linked on the Stock Index Timing .com web site.

Daily brief: Each day on the weekly commentary page I post a brief one line daily market comment. 

When I make my stock market timing signal changes I try to send an email explaining the change in market timing BEFORE the end of the trading day so subscribers can take action on the close. I also try to give advance warning in my weekly commentary, or in my end of day comment posted each evening, that I am considering such a change. My market timing signal changes for Gold and Bonds will normally be done on the weekend. 

I have shortcuts to my web pages.
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